China Exhibition
2015 first world digest Conference

The rapid development of the digestive tract has brought revolutionary breakthrough to the diagnosis and treatment of digestive diseases. The new technology and new methods are emerging constantly.. To further strengthen the new technology domestic and international academic exchanges, promote our digestion career Peng Bo development, 2015 the first world digestive conference will on 18-20 December 2015, in Nanjing, China is held ceremoniously.

The conference will be the largest area of digestive diseases in the academic event is expected there will be 150 domestic and overseas delegates, will become the lead and an important platform to promote digestive medical reform and development in China, and with the largest scale of participants, in the largest country, meeting activities most professionals most media attention degree and the highest competitive strength, to become the industry fully accredited by the high degree of internationalization, high impact "China digestive medicine in the field of high-end international conference". During the meeting, will organize the , the theme forum, parallel group meetings, round table, thematic debate, pathology, Sharon and other wonderful wealth of activities.

From May 18, 2012 to 20, the third China Biomass Energy Expo will be grand opening at the Nanjing International Expo Center. Organizers of the German agricultural society (DLG) and China Animal Husbandry Association (CAAA) assembly of high-quality resources at home and abroad, work together to create a professional, high-quality exhibition, sincere to invite the industry and the audience arrived at the scene visits, exchanges!